Buying Insurance Leads? 5 Details to Consider

Insurance Lead Buying Factors

When comparing insurance lead providers, many agents fall into the trap of focusing solely on the most common details. These include things such as lead cost, line, filters, and method of delivery. While these details are important, there are a few less emphasized but also excellent factors to determine which providers are a good fit […] Read more

Digital Marketing Tactics & Tools for Insurance Agents

Email Marketing Tools

Statistics point to the insurance industry as one of the most stable employment industries in today’s economy, creating a very competitive environment for insurance agents and brokers. The number of United States insurance agents, brokers, and service employees has grown more than 29% from 2001 – 2019 with no signs of slowing down. The insurance […] Read more

Life Insurance Leads Diversification Strategy

life insurance lead strategy

I created ILR with a clear focus on reviewing shared internet lead services.  My preference for the shared internet lead format is due to a variety of factors including volume, low cost of entry, speed to consumer, speed to test and the ability to target tight product niches.  I want to make it clear that […] Read more

How to Successfully Work Insurance Leads

When it comes to insurance sales getting a lead is only part of the battle.  What you do with them once you have them is where the rubber meets the road. Having in influx of fresh leads does not mean much unless you know what it takes to convert them into active policyholders. No matter […] Read more

Getting 1 Step Ahead to Convert More Leads

  I enjoy insurance agency marketing. Some might call that a sad statement, perhaps even crazy…and I get that. I can relate to people who dislike marketing because I often find myself working them. I think the difference between myself and those that find marketing to be a chore is all about the mindset. They […] Read more

Mortgage Life Insurance Leads – Tricks of the Trade

Mortgage Life Insurance Leads

Many homeowners realize the importance of buying a mortgage life insurance (also known as mortgage protection insurance) policy. With that in mind, agents who offer this type of coverage have come to realize that it can be extremely difficult to sell. Most consumers are of the thought that mortgage life insurance is a waste of […] Read more

5+ Apps for Insurance Agents

Insurance Agents chasing new leads are always on the move. From meetings with clients in person to calling prospects on the phone, you are going to be busy from morning until evening. One of the best ways to increase productivity and save time is to take advantage of the many mobile apps that are available. […] Read more

5 Benefits of Scheduling Face to Face Meetings with Prospects

With some types of insurance, you may never meet with a client in person. With other types, such as life insurance, this is often times necessary. Although you may not be thrilled about taking the time to meet a prospect in person, there are many benefits of doing so. In the past, you may have […] Read more

5 Ways to Dig Up Fresh Insurance Leads

To become a successful insurance agent you must be able to find a large quantity of leads on a regular basis. The more leads coming across your desk the better chance there is of making a sale. When first joining the industry, you may be confused as to the best ways to find leads. While […] Read more