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Current as of June 22nd, 2024

Despite increasing competition within the lead gen industry, QuoteWizard quickly became a major player after its launch in 2006. Today, QuoteWizard by LendingTree continues to be a top generator of insurance lead volume in the United States.

By offering unique products and filters for both web leads and warm transfer calls, QuoteWizard can better fit the business needs of the modern insurance agent.

There are five key benefits that have helped QuoteWizard gain popularity among agents:

  • High-quality leads. QuoteWizard produces top-quality leads thanks to a heavy investment in technology and their advanced verification system. Every new lead is continuously tracked to ensure that only the highest quality sources are being utilized to bring in active insurance policy shoppers. LeadsCouncil recently deemed QuoteWizard as having the best lead value in the insurance industry.
  • Top-of-the-line customer service. Upon signing up with QuoteWizard agents are matched with a territory and account specialist. This personalized assistance helps improve conversion rates as agents are able to work one-on-one with a leads expert to make sure their account is best optimized for success.
  • Flexibility. QuoteWizard allows agents to set and edit their daily lead schedules, edit their leads territory, return leads that don’t match their filter sets, and pause their account when needed.
  • Lower Competition. QuoteWizard limits its lead distribution by only selling each lead to a maximum of four agents (half the industry average), never from the same company. This reduced competition for the lead’s business directly increases the ROI.
  • Elite Agent Program. QuoteWizard’s Elite Agent Program offers a white glove experience to agents spending a minimum of $2,500 per month on lead products. Eligible accounts receive lifetime right-pricing, unlimited pause time, and frequent account reviews from a dedicated Elite account manager.

Month after month the company distributes over 300,000 leads across the US, helping 7,000+ agents reach their quarterly and annual goals.

Right now QuoteWizard is offering a $500 in Bonus Leads plus up to a 50% discount on web leads promotion for new accounts.

Feature List

  • No Contracts Required
  • Real-Time Leads Delivery
  • Limited Distribution – Max Agents 4 (Average 2.5)
  • Lead Management Account
  • Industry-Leading QuoteIQ Lead Scoring
  • Volume Caps
  • Free Training Resources/Education Program
  • Standard Filters
  • Extensive Custom Filters (carrier-dependent)
  • Liberal Return Policy – return up to 25% without penalty
  • Right-Pricing Volume Discounts
  • New Sign-Up Discounts
  • Monthly Current Client Promotions
  • Discounts at Partnered Businesses
  • Agent Referral Program

Types of Leads

  • Auto
  • Home
  • Renters
  • Health
  • Medicare Supplement
  • Search Leads
  • Warm Transfer Calls (Auto & Home)

Delivery Options

  • Email
  • Warm Transfer Calls
  • Text
  • CRM / Rater / Dailer
  • Custom Integrations Available

Special Offers

Offer Link: 50% Off, Plus up to $500 Bonus Leads






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  • After calling countless companies, I settled on QuoteWizard yesterday. They were by far the most professional, easiest to reach with low hold times, and patient. The discounts and return policy are head and heels above the competition as well! The leads haven’t started yet but I can say that QuoteWizard had the highest close % of our many vendors at my previous agency

  • I am interested to buy leads from your platform. I am highly experienced in auto insurance leads which I have been working for the last 5 years in the field.

  • I’m interested in purchaing medicare supplement leads and auto insurance leads

    • Thanks for taking the time to comment, Hamid. If you are interested in leads you can reach QuoteWizard through the website link in the profile above or by giving them a call at 877-958-9116.

  • Hi
    Interested in Health insurance lead, phone number, email above 40 age.
    let me know your charges and details

  • Hi, I work for an insurance company, and would like to purchase a list from your company.

    • Hi, Rabini. You will need to contact QuoteWizard directly to place an order. To clarify, QuoteWizard sells real-time leads as opposed to prospect lists. There is a link to their current promotional offer on the review profile above or you can get in touch with them over the phone at 877-958-9116.

  • I’m very very interested in purchasing leads ASAP

  • Hello, I am looking to get in touch with QuoteWizard and wondering if anyone here has been in direct contact with them?

    • Hi, Kim. You can reach QuoteWizard at 877-958-9116.

  • I’d like pricing info for auto insurance leads. Thank you!

    • Hey, Gunther. As much as I would love to publish cut and dry rates for every lead vendor, most don’t work that way. Like most industry options, you’ll need to get in touch with QuoteWizard for custom pricing based on your carrier/s and needs. You might be able to take advantage of discounts through carrier partnerships and will also be able to get lower rates if you have a large territory or are looking for above average volume. You can get a price over the phone for the amount of auto leads you need at 877-958-9116.


    • I don’t believe QuoteWizard offers Final Expense leads, Sidney. They have previously offered life leads, which could have been filtered to find FE, but overall QW is best for those selling P&C and Health products.

  • Hi, I did see the question asking if you offer Medicare Advantage leads, but there was no reply. I’m interested in both Supplement and Advantage leads, can you supply them?

    • Hi Karen. I don’t represent QuoteWizard. That said, you can acquire just about any type of niche Medicare product you like with filters. The available volume will vary based on your location.

  • What’s the cost?

    • Hey, Joseph. Lead cost varies based on the product line and type of lead you want (call v web). Best bet is to give them a call (1-877-958-9116) to get pricing for your preferred lines, lead type and location. You should find QuoteWizard to be a solid value provider compared to other leading vendors on the market. I qualify that with a caveat that lead quality often varies by line and location with all provider so it is always best to test your top options. I’ve found that lead cost and value are unrelated when it comes to buying leads as value is 100% relative to close rate (quality). Thanks for the question!

  • Do you offer group health leads?

    • Good question, Ryan. You should be able to source group health leads through QuoteWizard via lead filters. The quantity will obviously be much lower than consumer lines and could be very low in less populated areas. This is the case with most of the bigger providers that offer health lines.

  • Hi do you offer medicare advantage leads?

  • Do you offer Medicare Supplement leads?

    • Hey, Francine. Yes, you can get Med Supp leads from QuoteWizard. Hope that helps!

  • Hi I just started in the business and my natural market is cold. Would this help me to start to get some clients and referrals? I have only been at this for two months but I am having a hard time getting people interested in talking to me

    • Absolutely Jeremy. Leads are a great way to get your book of business started. As your agency grows you’ll want to focus on service and earning referrals. Ideally you will find a diversified sweet spot of marketing, advertising, leads and referrals to keep moving the dial.

  • I have gone through many leads so far. They are great at crediting returned leads.

  • One review states they do not provide any health lines at this time but their ads everywhere do list Health. Does anyone know if they do or not?

    • Hi Joe,

      We do now sell Health leads! We also offer a refundable deposit on them. If you are interested in health or Med Supp leads, please give us a call at your convenience at 877-958-9116 and I would be happy to answer any questions you have. Thank you!

  • Kevin, In your experience what has been the rate of return or closure with your leads for auto insurance?

    • Hey John,
      The conversion rate of the folks I work with locally (most in the Houston, Texas area) could vary drastically with what you might experience based on your location. Typically I shoot for 10% or higher but a lot of things come into play include product, sales technique and your follow up strategy. With Auto (depending on my capacity) I’d actually settle for a lower conversion rate to the point of breaking even or even operating at a loss considering cross-sell opportunities, recurring commissions and word of mouth referrals.

    • Does Quotewizard have Medicare list and list of people aging in to 65 list by zip codes?

      • Yes. They offer Medicare as a product line and have filters available that can allow for targeting various sub-products such as T65.

  • What about Medicare supps and senior healthcare leads? How are they for that?

    • John,

      QuoteWizard does not offer any health lines. I’ve asked if they plan to add health anytime soon but haven’t gotten a firm response on that.

      If they could find a way to offer anything health that compares to the auto leads I would be all over it.

      • Just wanted to chime in here and clarify that Quote Wizard does now offer Health and Medicare lines. They initially launched with Auto only, but have since expanded.

  • Great quality leads, lots of filtering options available.

    • Can you tellme more about your experience? Have you bought leads before? Why did you choose QuoteWizard? Have you had any luck with your leads?

      • My experience with leads is first hand both online and offline from the producer side. In recent years I worked with agencies on their marketing plans and have varying amounts of experience with all the services listed here. My first experience with QuoteWizard was with an AllState agent buying auto leads with multiple policy holders which went very well.

        There are a lot of factors in play, so the first thing to look at when buying leads are what I call the qualification filters that are used on the table on the home page and are included in most of the reviews as well. Once qualified it is important to test as many services as possible. Lead volume (and often quality) varies from provider to provider based on the product you are buying as well as your location.

  • Great service. Would recommend.


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