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NextGen Leads is a San Diego-based health insurance lead provider founded in 2014. The company is led by industry veterans, with agency ownership experience, who started the business to offer a better product than what they experienced as lead buyers themselves. A vision that was built with a focus on technology, lead quality, service and pricing transparency.

NextGen currently offers real-time Individual Health and Medicare Supplement leads. Customers have the option of buying real-time shared, exclusive or live transfer leads.

Below is a screenshot of NextGen’s user interface. user interface


All leads enter the NextGenLeads marketplace with a low starting minimum price and realize a final market value based on a demand side bidding model.

NextGen Leads Prices

When I asked about the pricing model NextGen CEO, Chris Kelly shared the following,

“We use a second price auction model, just like Google and eBay. That means you never overpay for a single lead because we reduce your price to $0.01 over the next highest bidder no matter how high you bid, even in shared auctions.

Exclusive Lead Example: Buyer A bids $15 and Buyer B bids $10. Buyer A wins the lead, but only pays $10.01 for the lead, since this is the minimum price necessary to win the auction.


I’ve included a sample health lead as well as a list of the top features offered by NextGen Leads below.


Sample Health Insurance Lead

Feature List

  • Real-Time Delivery
  • Shared, Exclusive and Live Call Leads
  • Average of 2 Agents per Shared Lead, 5 Max
  • In-House Lead Generation. No Affiliate Traffic
  • Full Control of Campaigns
  • Lead Targeting with Filters and Controls
  • Pause Lead Flow at Any Time (Unlimited)
  • LeadID Integrated
  • Bid Based Lead Pricing
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Returns for Non-Valid Leads
  • Training and Advice Available for All Experience Levels
  • One-Click CRM / Dialer / Rater Integration
  • Custom Integrations Available

Types of Leads

  • Health
  • Medicare Supplement

Delivery Options

  • Email
  • CRM / Rater / Dialer
  • Text
  • Custom Integrations

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