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Current as of June 22nd, 2024

NextGen Leads is a San Diego-based health and Medicare insurance lead provider founded in 2014. The company is led by industry veterans, with agency ownership experience, who started the business to offer a better product than what they experienced as lead buyers themselves. A vision that was built with a focus on technology, lead quality, service, and pricing transparency.

NextGen currently offers real-time Individual Health and Medicare Supplement insurance leads.  Leads are available in volume for all US locations, suitable for individual producer to carrier level lead buyers.

What Makes NextGen Leads Different?

Let’s take a look at how NextGen is different so you can decide if they are a fit for your needs.


Upon entering the insurance lead market, the NextGen team hired lead industry technology and marketing experts to build a feature-rich marketplace. The result is a platform that leverages the efficiencies of modern tech and a feature set that rivals any other in the industry. Below is a screenshot of NextGen’s intuitive and easy-to-navigate user interface.


Lead Quality

NextGen utilizes its technology and data-driven advertising platform to generate leads in-house without the aid of affiliate traffic. A model that gives the company end-to-end quality control of the lead generation and delivery process.

Lead Types

All of NextGen Leads are generated internally and delivered in real-time. There are a variety of filters available for each vertical and lead type so buyers can target the most qualified leads.
The following lead types are available for Health Insurance and Medicare Supplement:
  • Shared
  • Exclusive
  • Live Transfer

Lead Cost

NextGen Leads offers a unique campaign creation and lead pricing model that has been well received by customers.

The company rates and filters incoming leads according to three quality tiers and allows buyers to create lead buying campaigns based on quality tiers desired.  This feature was born from the frustration of the company founder’s past experience buying leads lumped at a single price point with obvious quality differences.

NextGen Leads Quality Pricing

When it comes to lead pricing, NextGen uses a pay-per-click style auction format that delivers the best value for buyers regardless of the geographic market.  With the auction pricing format, lead buyers set a budget and the maximum price they are willing to pay per lead.  When a lead is delivered, the buyer is only charged one penny more than the next highest bidder.

Below is a list of general lead price points based on product line and delivery.  Please note that pricing may differ based on location and market demand with the auction pricing format.

Health Lead Pricing

  • Shared Leads – $3/Lead+
  • Exclusive Leads – $8/Lead+
  • Live Transfers – $35/Transfer+

Medicare Lead Pricing

  • Shared Leads – $8/Lead+
  • Exclusive Leads – $16/Lead+
  • Live Transfers – $40/Transfer+


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Feature List

  • FREE to Sign-Up
  • No Contracts & No Funding Minimum
  • 100% In-House Lead Generation
  • Real-Time Lead Delivery
  • Shared, Exclusive, and Warm Transfers Available
  • US Based Call Center for Live Phone Transfers
  • 24/7 Full Control of Campaigns
  • No Lead Purchase Minimums
  • Various Filters for Precision Targeting
  • Dedicated Account Support
  • Easy Lead Return Process
  • LeadID Integration
  • Internal Optimization Process
  • Custom Integrations Available

Types of Leads

  • Health
  • Medicare Supplement

Delivery Options

  • Email
  • Live Phone Transfer
  • CRM / Rater / Dialer
  • Interface Reporting
  • Custom Integrations

Special Offers

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  • Looking for health insurance leads sent to me via email. I’m licensed and work remotely.

  • Please call me; searching for a lead provider. Thanks.

  • I’m new to Nextgen. I’ve had problems receiving leads to the wrong email address. The account manager Jay listened to my problem and the Nextgen Team work together to correct the leads to the right email. They credited leads with invalid contact information and showed me how to disposition leads to give the team feedback. This allows them to get feedback on what’s working and what’s not.. They continue to look to improve.
    So far they’ve been a pleasure to work with. Thanks Nextgen Leads

  • The service at NexGenLeads is terrific. If there’s an issue that must be dealt with, they respond immediately. To me, this is very important and provides a great deal of comfort.

  • Hey Kevin,
    Do I have to be a licensed agent to use these leads?


    • Hi, Dave.
      Interesting question! Some lead companies require a license check prior to selling leads, but I’m not sure if there are any laws stopping someone not licensed from using them as a primary customer. I’m not too familiar with the scenario of a non-licensed customer wanting to buy leads. If this is your situation, I’d recommend asking a rep directly and taking a good look at the terms of service pages for companies of interest. That said, many agencies will have non-licensed personnel calling on leads to make the first connection or set appointments.

  • How many people get access to an Exclusive Lead?

    • Thanks for the question, Mary. If the lead is sold as exclusive it will only be sold to one lead buyer. It’s important to note that an exclusive lead is only exclusive to the lead vendor selling the lead. Buyers of exclusive leads should not assume they will have no competition as the consumer might have also requested a quote from another source.

  • Customer service replies quickly and solves problems quickly as well.

  • Would love to get some quotes for leads. Please contact me.

  • I have been in the health insurance industry for multiple years now, Nexgen has provided high quality leads for me for over a year now. I have tried multiple lead sources and NexGen is BY FAR the best quality leads on the internet for insurance agents. Their customer service is beyond great and their lead quality is unmatched. I would HIGHLY recommend!

  • Looking for Health Insurance Leads.
    Im Licensed in 23 states.
    Looking for 20-30 solid health insurance leads a day.

    • Hi, Bob. I don’t represent NextGen, but I’m sure they can get you squared away. Thanks!

  • What is the cost of a trial ?

    • Good question, Kimberly. NextGen Leads is a pay-per-lead platform with no order minimums so there is no set trial cost.

      Buyers create lead buying campaigns based on the product line, ZIP Codes and filters desired along with a campaign budget and maximum per lead bid price.

      This is a similar format to popular pay-per-click advertising platforms such as Google Ads, Bing Ads and Facebook Ads.


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