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Current as of July 22nd, 2024

ProspectZone Leads Review

Prospect Zone strives to provide high quality, affordable sales leads to insurance agents across the country. Although this provider may not be as popular as others, they have shown the ability to provide agents with leads since 2004.

A few features the company offers to US based agents:

  • GoConnect live transfer leads.
  • Ability to purchase exclusive sales leads. In short, this means that you are the only agent receiving the contact information of the consumer.
  • Resources and tips to enhance your experience.
  •  Prospect Zone strives to serve the unique needs of agents to ensure an efficient process.

 Types of Leads

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  • Still struggling after a decade. No one will answer the phone. I can’t find any information about getting leads.

  • The last ten leads purchased through ProspectZone (GoHealth) are disconnected/bad/wrong numbers. No one is answering calls (#800/#312) at their office in Chicago. Has this company gone out of business?


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