Earn Referrals With Great Service From The Jump

insurance-sales-serviceNo matter how you are generating insurance leads, one thing must stay the same: you need to provide a great customer service experience. A focus on great service will not only result in a higher close ratio but it will also play a key role in earning ongoing referrals.

There are steps you can take to provide better service to prospects. Of course, these steps will also hold true when providing service to current clients.

Fast and Efficient Communication

Prospects don’t want to wait around for an answer to a question or advice on what to purchase. If you are going to communicate with a prospect, make sure you provide fast and efficient service no matter what it takes. This means answering questions when they come up, providing information as necessary, and doing whatever else you can to make the consumer feel at home.

As you continue to provide the best service, the prospect will see that you are truly interested in what they are doing. This is an area that other agents often times overlook, so you should be willing to take advantage.

Provide a Detailed Quote

At some point in time, every prospect is going to request a quote. This is what you will provide the buyer in order to get the buying process moving forward. The more information you give the better off you are going to be. Additionally, a detailed quote can help you avoid some questions down the line.

Be sure the quote includes everything the prospect could possibly need to make a decision, including but not limited to the coverage being offered as well as the premium. Also, let them know that you are available to answer questions in the future should they arise.

Provide Detailed Answers to Questions

Just because you have a lot of knowledge does not mean the consumer is going to be as advanced. For this reason, you must provide complete answers to any questions that are thrown at you.

The more details you can provide the greater chance there is that the prospect will understand what you have to offer. Subsequently, your odds of making a sale in the near future greatly increases.

There is no question so challenging that you will be lose for an answer. Make it your goal to provide too much information as opposed to not enough.

Stay in Constant Contact

Some prospects are ready to make a purchase after receiving a quote. Others will put this off, time and time again, meaning that you need to stay in constant contact. Although you don’t want to go overboard with emails and phone calls, the prospect should know that you are available to provide advice and answer questions.

When you stay in touch with the prospect, you are showing that you truly care about their future. This may be the difference between making a deal and losing the client to another agent. Have a schedule for making follow-up phone calls and do your best to stick with it.

Email and Phone Support

Most insurance buyers will want to communicate via telephone. However, some are realizing that using the internet is the way to go. You should not shy away from communicating via email if this is something the buyer is interested in doing.

Also, if the prospect lives in your local area you should make yourself available to meet in person. This may be the final step in closing a sale.

Wrap Up

By following this advice, you will realize that you are able to provide a better customer service experience to every prospect. This does not mean you are always going to make a sale, but you are doing your part in increasing your chance of success.

Regardless of how you generate a lead, you should always put a lot of time into providing the best customer service in the industry.

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