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Current as of February 25th, 2024

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Parasol Leads Review

By offering exclusive leads to insurance agents, ParasolLeads has found its niche in the lead industry.

According to the company’s website, their agents close roughly 40% of the insurance sales leads that they purchase. With a closing rate like that it is easy to see why lead buyers would be interested.

Update: Since this profile was originally published the 40% close rate is no longer posted on the site. I was unable to find any information to back up this incredible claim. It is unclear if producers are still closing Parasol leads at a 40% rate today. Based on numerous emails and reader comments submitted to ILR it seems unlikely.

Here are a few features of Parasol Leads:

  • 100% exclusive insurance leads, generated through organic search traffic.
  • Lead filters and geo-targeting available.
  • No contract, sign-up fee, or minimum purchase required.
  • Lead caps. This feature allows agents to put a daily number on the amount of leads they want to purchase. Additionally, agents can use an “on/off” switch to ensure that they only receive leads when they need them.

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  • Thanks for the reviews, will stay away from these guys.

  • These are the worst “leads” in the industry. I return every one. The company should be forced to closed down and stop ripping people off. Stay far away from this piece of junk company.

  • closing 40% seems unrealistic for an intranet lead unless your superman and if you are please call me i will pay $$ for your secret

  • I had to return over half of the leads that I received due to bad numbers wrong numbers, or people stating that they have not requested a quote in years. The other half are mostly numbers that ring and ring so I couldn’t confirm they were bad before their 7 day return window expired. I would be shocked if they are actually generating any new leads. I believe that everything they sent to me was old and recycled leads. In my opinion there’s something foul about their return process as well the math doesn’t add up.

    I decided to try them 12-29-15 today is 2-17-16 and I have yet to talk to a single customer that is interested in an insurance quote. My balance went from $250.00 to $2.50 according to them and I don’t have anything at all to show for it. The sales guy seems nice I suggest you don’t fall for it like I did. I will be posting my complaint on every single site that I can find on the internet. We work really hard for our money agents, these hustlers in the lead selling business must be held accountable.

  • Worst leads out there. Most of them were not real leads. They have a liberal return policy but I want leads, not fake leads. Don’t waste your time or money. Bad investment.

  • Yes, alot of people have been burned…the worst part about their marketing ploys is Tom Caroloan says agents are closing 40% of leads…He is lying to try and make money…what a shame

  • Tie company does not generate leads that are trustable. They burned me. I am sharing this to help other people.


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