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InsuranceQuotes Agents (iQ Agents) is a recent entrant into the insurance lead marketplace officially launching in April of 2015. The company offers features, options and lead volume that rival top competitors. 

iQ Agents was built with a mission to offers agencies a ‘best of all worlds’ lead delivery solution that leveraged the tremendous content publishing and insurance industry experience already in place. The result is a platform that offers insurance lead buyers the most popular aspects of NetQuote, InsureMe, AgentInsider and InsuranceAgents along with new features sought out in the fast paced sales environment of today.

In addition to streamlined options such as self-serve account management and a fully integrated mobile app buyers also have access to the largest selection of product lines and lead volume in the industry. The combination of destination consumer websites and quality content produce well informed insurance prospects. With a large portion of visitors originating through high value search channels prospects typically have more intent to purchase than leads generated through interruption marketing techniques.

iQ Agents App

Screenshots of iQ Agents Mobile App (Available on iOS and Andriod)

Agents looking for a specific feature or offering should be able to find what they are looking for with insuranceQuotes Agents lead service. Aside from high lead volume across all 50 US states, iQ Agents has a long list of features that are covered (in part) further down the page. Some of the highlights include Live Lead call transfers, highly customizable filter options, simple volume controls, self-serve credit requests, on-demand training webinars and integrations with most industry CRMs and raters.

So how much do the leads cost? That is a question often asked by ILR readers. Initially, leads were offered with a a base lead price plus any special filters or delivery options. That pricing structure worked for some buyers but it was not a good fit for everyone.

With insuranceQuotes Agents leads are now priced according to a performance-based formula. This new pricing system is designed to provide a higher value by factoring more variables than a flat fee structure. While it does not make answering the price question any easier for me buyers should realize comparable lead value to the rest of the market.

Feature List

  • 100% Online Account Management
  • Free Mobile App with “Click to Call” and “Click to Email” Quick Contact Options
  • Daily Volume Lead Caps
  • Lead Management
  • Credit Request for Invalid Leads
  • Online Training and On Demand Webinars
  • Search and Filter Leads in Your Account
  • Interface for Viewing Account Settings, Statements and Transaction History
  • Custom Filter and Lead Targeting
  • Life Lead Call Transfers Available

Types of Leads

Delivery Options

  • Mobile App
  • Online Account
  • Live Lead Call Transfer
  • Email
  • Text
  • CRM / Rater / Dialer

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  • Are these real time leads?

  • I need I need mortgage protection leads hot leads of new mortgage holders

  • I am interested in life insurance and final expense leads for metro Atlanta area.

  • Do you give duplicate leads? What is the price range for life insurance leads?

    • Hey Ariana,

      I’m not completely clear on the duplicate leads question but it seems like you are referring to credits (please correct me if not). InsuranceQuotes for Agents does offer a pretty seamless credit request process. You can even make requests from their mobile app.

      With regards to pricing for Life leads I suggest giving them a call. I wanted to include pricing for lead vendors and did post some when the site was initially published, but it created some false expectations…and I heard about it from readers. 🙂

      There are a lot of factors that come into play such as sub-product, filters, exclusivity and carrier subsidies. Compared to the market iQ has very competitive rates for life leads. Hope that helps!


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