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Current as of June 22nd, 2024

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EverQuote Pro Insurance Leads

EverQuote is one of the largest auto insurance marketplaces in the U.S., seeing more than 5 million unique shoppers come to their site to request an auto insurance quote each month. They have been delivering their leads directly to agents since 2014.


How Much Do EverQuote Leads Cost?

EverQuote offers a variety of auto insurance lead options and filters to fit the individual needs of every customer.  Prices vary based on lead type (prospect profile) and eligibility for various subsidy programs.   Below is an overview of the types of auto leads offered by EverQuote.

EverQuote Auto Insurance Leads

Feature List

  • Shared leads – max 3 agents and never to 2 of the same carrier
  • Exclusive leads available
  • Pause leads
  • Weekday, Saturday & Sunday volume controls
  • One-click lead return options – 15 days
  • Phone support
  • Geo-targeting to individual ZIP code
  • Set custom hours of operation
  • Standard filters
  • 100% online account management

Types of Leads

Delivery Options

  • Email
  • CRM / Dialer
  • Rater
  • Online Account


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  • My phone number is on the National Do Not Call Registry. I have recently been getting an increased number of robocallers using spoofed local numbers. Let’s see who is doing this. So, I answer one and get an automated system about car insurance. I provide some information and later get phone calls from State Farm, Liberty Mutual, and Nationwide. One of these lets me know their referral came from Everquote.

    Don’t feed the robocallers.

  • They are generic leads and when you try to identify the clients address, half the time they are wrong address and DOB. You’re better off cold calling.

  • Everquotes Leads suck – pure and simple – and they won’t refund your unused leads.
    You have a better chance of making money buying lottery tickets.

    I don’t think one of the leads actually spoke to me – they must resell the same lead a dozen times. Plus if you go to their website they are pushing the insurance companies so they get the good leads.

  • I am interested in buying auto premium internet leads. I’m a farmers agent in Burnsville, MN and would like a breakdown on costs. I’m not on the Farmers marketing program and am looking for pricing in my area to compare with some other lead companies. Thanks

  • Gotten zero business from their leads.

    You have a better chance spending the money on scratch off lottery tickets than using their lead service.

  • I signed up for EXCLUSIVE leads with them about 9 months ago. I get a notice today that they are increasing their prices by about 10%. Not happy but, it happens. But, if you keep reading, they subtly mention that “as always Everquote will connect a consumer with no more than 3 agents”. In other words, they are pulling a bait and switch and hoping you don’t notice. That’s right, the leads are going from Exclusive to not-so-exclusive AND they’re raising their rates by 10%. No thanks. Canceled my subscription.


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