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Current as of August 18th, 2018

Datalot offers pre-qualified live call leads direct to insurance producers.

With a product 100% focused on providing incoming calls, Datalot is the first company on that doesn’t offer traditional shared leads. This is an important distinction to keep in mind when comparing Datalot to other lead vendors.

Time to contact and the ability to make contact are consistently top complaints among insurance lead buyers.  With deep roots in the insurance industry, Datalot created a product that addresses these issues and allows agencies to better scale their business.


How Does The Datalot Call Buying Process Work?

Below is a step-by-step breakdown of the graphic to illustrate what buyers can expect.

Step 1

Configure your account to get calls from prospects customized to your exact needs. All the geo settings, lead filters, volume caps and scheduling options you would expect from top lead vendors are available.

Datalot Call Lead Process - Select Prospect Criteria

Step 2

Datalot generates user initiated call and click-to-call ad campaigns to deliver your ideal prospects.

Datalot Call Lead Process - Generating Consumer Prospects

Step 3

Datalot agents qualify incoming insurance prospect calls based on your questions.

Datalot Call Leads - Qualifying Prospects

Step 4

A warm live transfer is made directly to your agency.

Datalot Call Lead Process - Warm Call Transfer

To see the process in even more detail check out the video below.

ILR readers interested in Datalot calls can get started with a promo offer that can net up to $200 in Free Calls. To get this deal visit the special offer page here or ask for it by phone at 888-206-1440.

What Product Lines Does Datalot Offer?

Datalot offers a full selection of insurance product lines. Buyers seeking auto, home and commercial prospects will typically see the most call volume. Health and medicare lines are also available. Filters can be applied to target niche markets in any of the lines offered.

How Much Do Datalot Leads Cost?

Datalot call pricing varies based on product line and filters applied. For reference, a preferred auto insurance call will typically be in the range of $20 (with no filters) to $40Lower pricing is available for non-standard auto.

Lead buyers accustomed to shared internet leads should keep in mind that Datalot calls are exclusive and do not require the same time or effort required to make contact.

How Do Datalot Calls Compare To Real-Time Insurance Leads?

Datalot compares favorably to the top insurance lead providers. There are no contracts required and the product offers a full set of customization options, scheduling, volume caps, integrations and even call returns.

A few standout features offered by Datalot.

  • Prospects call you. This is a huge selling point. Spend less time chasing, more selling.
  • Live agent qualification.
  • Only pay for calls you receive.
  • Calls are recorded and available for playback.

More Datalot product details are listed below.

Feature List

  • Consumer Initiated Calls From Web and Mobile Click-to-Call
  • Exclusive Calls
  • Warm Hand-Off of Calls
  • Preset Filters Available
  • Access to Call Recordings
  • Concurrency Caps For Calls
  • Call Volume Controls and Scheduling
  • Ability to Change Destination Phone Number
  • Call Returns Allowed
  • Mobile App
  • No Contracts
  • Dedicated Service Representative

Product Lines

  • Auto (Preferred)
  • Auto (Non-Standard)
  • Home
  • Commercial
  • Renters
  • Health
  • Medicare
  • Spanish (Auto and Home)

Delivery Options

  • Live Call
  • Datalot App
  • CRM / Rater / Dialer
  • Email
  • Custom Integrations

Special Offers

Offer Link: $200 in Free Calls





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12 comments… add one
  • Do you guys offer leads for life insurance?

    • Hi Terry,
      Datalot does not offer Life leads at this time.

  • Do you have commercial trucks commercial homes and GL leads

  • Interested in quality leads for Medicare Supplements

  • Do you have exclusive health leads for Dallas/Collin/Denton area? If so how much?

    • Hi Mark,
      I can’t answer the volume question, but you should be able to get the leads you are looking for in the Dallas area. Give them a call (number listed above) with your requirements and they can give you a solid lead volume estimate. 😉

  • Costs of homeleads?

    • Hey Chad,
      The price is going to vary based on location and need, but you are probably going to be in the same range as an auto lead. If you want a tighter price range, give them a quick call (888-206-1440) and they should be able to give you some good price and volume expectations for your territory. Thanks!

  • I sell insurance to primarily Pharmacys and Dental offices do you leads for these? Commercial

    • Good question Craig. I’m sure Datalot can get you some filters in place to find what you are looking for. I have no idea what kind of volume you’d see though. Commercial is growing, but is still dwarfed by P&C, health and life for internet leads. Best bet would be calling a rep to get a better idea.

  • I am looking for cancer insurance leads

    • Hey Eddie,
      I don’t have a lot of experience with cancer leads. I do know that volume is relatively low across the board. Some vendors have preset filters and others have filters that can be manually applied to narrow down leads for cancer insurance. I’d suggest giving a Datalot rep a call (1-888-206-1440) to get a better idea of the options available along with cost and volume expectations for your territory. Good question!


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