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Current as of July 22nd, 2024

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Make no bones about it; AllWebLeads is one of the highest volume insurance lead companies in the industry. By generating leads via its own web properties, click partners and search marketing this company is able to service a large number of insurance agents all over the country.

Like other top providers in this space, there are multiple features that set All Web Leads apart from the competition:

  • Competitive pricing structure
  • No minimum deposit or contract required
  • Leads can be delivered through a variety of methods
  • Volume discounts
  • 24/7 access to an online lead management interface
  • Highly flexible customization and upgrade options

The company places a strict cap on the number of agents that can purchase a particular lead. With less competition, agents can increase their conversion rate.


Feature List

  • Real-Time Delivery
  • Share Leads – Max Agents 5
  • Exclusive Lead Options (via Live Transfer)
  • Live Transfers Available
  • Pause Leads
  • Set Daily Volume Caps
  • No Contracts Required
  • Sample Leads Available
  • Pre-Set Standard Filters
  • Custom Filter Options
  • Lead Returns – 10 Day Return Window

Upgrades Available

  • Premium Prospect Leads (High Intent Sources)
  • Qualified Prospect Leads (Phone Verified)
  • AWL Service Plan
  • Live Transfer CALLS

Types of Leads

Delivery Options

  • Email
  • Text
  • Live Transfer Calls
  • CRM / Rater / Dailer
  • Custom Integrations Available



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  • Bought 20 leads to see how it went. I had to return almost half of them because the number was either invalid or they did not request anything. Not one person responded to a text or answered the phone.

  • Do NOT waste you money on Leads from AllWebs leads. The vast amount of leads barely made the cutoff age and if I managed to get through they had health issues even though the question of health said it was good. I had 3 in one week that were all 69. The rest never answer the phone except the ones who want to slam down the phone. They don’t give you the option to cancel the leads only postpone them so if by chance you forget 8 days later that you postponed them. they “gotcha” for another 6 or however many you signed for a week. I specifically asked to have them spread out over the week. To them that meant 3 on Monday and 3 on Tuesday, that way they get their money if you not watching everything they do. I had to send a Contact us letter to cancel, and lets see if that works. They have a drop down to control the leads but cancel isn’t an option.
    0 that’s my star count. I spoke to about 8 people out of over 40 leads and and 5 slam down the phone, 2 lied and said call back later and one made and appt twice and never showed both times. I didn’t waste my time trying to get the money back since they so far haven’t sent back ant that Im aware of that I did return..STAY AWAY

  • Looking for Final expense leads in my area.

  • All Web Leads Review. Excellent and smooth call transfers. Only problem is you will never get a refund on a bad lead as they will always deny the refund request no matter what the reason. At $45.00 per lead, I’d definitely not use them again.

  • They have their own agents. Interesting

  • I’m interested in life insurance, auto, home & commercial in Rochester, Buffalo, Syracuse, New York State.

  • Is it just me or it appears there are not that many agents that are saying they used them and their quality!

  • OMG, Sydney from AWL- she connects us with leads – is absolutely horrible at what she does, i dread every call before she transfers the customer, she is slow and just doesnt care !
    Hi this is Sydney from AWL, i have A customer on the line please take good care of them !
    starts talking over me and the customer , its just highly frustrating to deal with her


  • Annuity, life, disability and final expenses. Maybe cancer also.

    • All of these should be available, Lynda. You’ll want to give them a call to nail down expected volume for your locations and pricing for each. The phone number is 1-877-220-2367.

  • interested in LTC and Life leads in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

  • Does this service provide commercial leads in the Sacramento/ Rancho Cordova area?

    • Hi, Vanessa. Yes. You can get commercial leads anywhere in the US with AllWebLeads. Volume is generally dictated by population density of your desired ZIP codes.

  • Looking for mortgage protection insurance leads.

  • Looking for Life leads in Denton county TX. How much are your leads

  • looking for group health insurance leads in northern IL

  • Looking for leads in Michigan, IL or MO.

    • Life leads

      • Hi, Steven.
        AWL does offer life leads for all US territories. I’m not sure what the volume looks like up where you are, but if you give them a call they should be able to give you an estimate based on typical volume for your target locations. Thanks!

  • Whats the cost for life insurance and long-term care leads in MO? Thank you.

  • Do you have Final Expense leads for the South Florida area?

    • Hey Edgar. AllWebLeads reps don’t respond on this site but I’m sure they do have FE available in South Florida. A rep should be able to give you a volume estimate for your desired territory. You can reach them at 877-220-2367. 🙂

  • I am interested in life insurance and final expence leads in metro Atlanta area. I will like to know the cost.


  • How much are life insurance leads for Michigan?

  • Please send details for auto insurance leads.
    We only want auto, no dui, no susp, can have 1 ticket or 1 accident
    Monday through Friday only (9am to 4pm only)
    Can turn off when the office is closed holidays weekend so on.
    How many leads in my area are you averaging a week in leads? (46158)

  • Do you provide leads in Canada?


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